Spark Compass Contextually Intelligent Platform Grabs a Top 4 Placement as One of the World’s Most Innovative BLE Beacon Networks, Ahead of Apple and Facebook, In New ABI Research Report

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Spark Compass™ proximity mobile platform by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc., (TCS) a leader in mobile brand management, contextual intelligence, platform and application development, scored fourth in innovation and ninth overall in the latest competitive analysis of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacon vendors announced yesterday by ABI Research, a leader in technology market intelligence.

“ABI is validating all the things we’re doing with Spark Compass,” said Erik Bjontegard, president and founder of Total Communicator Solutions. “We’re expanding and are now driving more personalized, contextual experiences in everyday life. The day your smartphone interacts in intelligent ways to inform you about tickets to a game, update you about the gate your flight has been moved to and tells you when your baggage is on the belt… That day is here!”

In its new report, ABI Research looked at beacon vendors across two broad categories of implementation and innovation. Parameters included market share, partnerships, standards supported, analytics, advertising, value chain support, hybridization and advanced software/hardware capabilities. The report noted two major advantages Spark Compass has over its competitors: “a roster of important partners and a strong reputation in the smart city / tourism space, an area that is set to explode over the next five years.” The report also called out a key strategy of Spark Compass, to “centralize the management of disparate beacon networks, technologies and applications cohesively.”

Spark Compass scored a perfect 10 out of 10 for its strategy of supporting multiple technologies and services, and 20 out of 20 for its support of both infrastructure and handset-based technologies, combined with Spark Compass’ own object recognition technology.

The report noted TCS’s strong relationships with Qualcomm, where Bjontegard spent a number of years as executive in R&D and Gimbal, one of the top three beacon providers. To date, TCS has also built relationships with a number of partners including Unacast, Atos and Samsung.

TCS’s expanding list of deployments include the San Diego Convention Center, the U.S. department of health corporate wellness deployment, XiMED in La Jolla, Calif., University of Mississippi’s sports stadiums, a major historic event center in London and leading university in the U.K., with numerous more in final stage of development. While only current deployments were used in the evaluation, ABI Research noted that Spark Compass’ growing footprint in sectors like transportation, smart cities, enterprise/industrial and IoT will give the company a basis upon which to become a major player in these verticals over the next five years.

About Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.
Founded in early 2012 by former Qualcomm executive Erik Bjontegard, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. develops innovative, fully integrated mobile marketing communication platforms and customized applications to help clients connect with users, customers and future users in meaningful and measurable ways on mobile devices. The company’s patent pending contextually intelligent communication platform, Spark Compass, integrates the Gimbal encrypted proximity beacons from Gimbal, Inc., enabling the delivery of customized and relevant content and experiences for real-time consumer engagement. With several beacon installations in locations across the U.S. and Europe incorporating thousands of proximity beacons, the Spark Compass platform is placing beacon networks in numerous market leading locations such as airports, hospitals, university facilities, retailers, grocers, sport venues and convention centers. Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Mexico, UK, The Netherlands and New Zealand.


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