San Diego International To Have World’s First Intelligent Airport Platform

Total Communicator Solutions Teams Up with San Diego International Airport and Samsung to Launch the World’s First Contextually Intelligent Airport Platform, Streamlining Enterprise Efficiencies and Enhancing the Traveler’s Experience
San Diego International Airport is teaming up with Total Communicator Solutions and Samsung to develop a contextually intelligent airport platform that will use Samsung smart phones and watches to power both employee efficiency and the traveler experience
Total Communicator Solutions, Inc., (TCS) a leader in mobile brand management, contextual intelligence and application development, today announced it has partnered with San Diego International Airport and Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA) to launch a contextually intelligent, enterprise-wide solution, powered by TCS’s Spark Compass mobile platform, designed to improve operational efficiencies for airport employees, while enhancing the airport travel experience.

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches will be deployed to San Diego International Airport’s IT team to enable it to more quickly and efficiently respond to and address technical problems throughout the airport’s various touch points like flight status displays, self-check-in kiosks and boarding gates. The enterprise notification solution works using technology powered by Spark Compass encrypted beacons.

Beginning next month, travelers will also be able to use their smartphones and Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches to enhance their travel journey – to do everything from receiving traffic alerts en route to the airport and paying for airport parking pre-arrival, to receiving security line and gate updates, ordering and purchasing grab-and-go meals and store merchandise, and even receiving information on airport art installations. When arriving at their final destinations, passengers will receive a notification when their bags are on the luggage carousel through the AwayYouGo app and GoTag beacons available on Android and iOS technology.

“We believe our work with San Diego International Airport and Samsung is a game changer in taking the airport experience to new levels,” said Erik Bjontegard, president and founder of Total Communicator Solutions, which was recently ranked fourth in innovation and ninth overall in a competitive analysis of global Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon vendors by ABI Research. “We’re bridging the physical and digital worlds in ways that maximize airport efficiencies where time is always of the essence. We’re able to engage travelers at the right time and place with information and experiences they really care about. We’re also opening opportunity for the airport, its tenants and advertisers to increase revenues through the delivery of targeted offerings and incentives to travelers who want them.”

He added, “Our Internet of Things platform’s sensors and proximity beacons across the entire airport – from the gates to the baggage areas – integrate with existing infrastructure to improve enterprise efficiencies and transform the airport into a forward-thinking, 21st-century place of business, transportation and communication.”

TCS’s Spark Compass platform serves as the solution’s central brain, integrated as part of the airport’s infrastructure to collect data and information via encrypted Gimbal beacons and sensor network installed across airport property. This enables the delivery of context-relevant experiences to willing travelers, based on their location, activity, surroundings, personal preferences and past behaviors – all in compliance with U.S. and European privacy laws. Users connect through their iOS and Android smartphones, in addition to Gear S2 watches, using TCS’s AwayYouGo app, launching in May and available from Google Play and the Apple iTunes App Store. Using AwayYouGo, travelers will be able to choose to receive, interact or experience a wide range of notifications, offers, incentives, directions and hyper-location content.

In addition, TCS’s Spark Compass “GoTag” secure BLE beacons will be distributed to passengers in San Diego International Airport. When attached to luggage, they’re able to alert owners when bags are ready for pickup on the luggage carousel at the final destination. GoTags work at any airport, and the first 10,000 will be available for free at San Diego International Airport.

“Using our industry-leading mobile devices to implement customized enterprise solutions is all about driving simplicity and solving business challenges,” said Eric McCarty, vice president mobile product marketing, Samsung Enterprise. “Working with Total Communicator Solutions and San Diego International Airport, we expect to help increase the San Diego airport IT team’s efficiencies through location-based services and real-time alert notifications on the Samsung Gear S2 devices. We also look forward to expanding our mobile technology solutions to solve for additional airport objectives in the near future.”

Rick Belloti, director, information and technology services at San Diego International Airport, said, “Our goal is to make the airport experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We believe the Spark Compass platform will provide a new level of control and effective management of our airport – and give travelers the best experience possible.”

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