International Bowling Federation and Spark Compass partner to build new digital home.

The International Bowling Federation (IBF), the global governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and Para bowling is pleased to announce an exclusive global partnership with US-based intelligent communications platform and new official supplier to the IBF portfolio, Spark Compass.

Spark Compass is an award-winning platform. Used to power large-scale apps, including the America’s Cup, to providing PUMA with the capability to launch their new footwear with pop star Selena Gomez, as well as activating Coca Cola engagement across the University of Mississippi with the popular Rebel Rewards app. The versatility of the platform has led to the deployment and activation across multiple global events.

Developed and published by San Diego-based Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS), the patented Spark Compass™ Platform for Platforms is the core function behind the new data driven mobile ecosystem, which delivers curated, personalized experiences and content to fans and players alike.

The new digital home will incorporate numerous pillars of functionality such as OTT and streaming capabilities as well as interactive fan engagements tools – activated from fan’s homes to bowling centres across the globe, including IBF sanctioned tournaments launching in 2021. It delivers on the new IBF vision of transforming Bowling into a globally recognised competitive sport that is inclusive and engaging by leveraging the latest in technology from AI and AR to immersive 360 with digitalized player-to-player interactions.

The digital home will launch in Q2 2021 in time for the launch of the new International event portfolio. The platform enables personalized messaging to users and content delivery based across the globe ensuring that athletes and fans can easily keep up to date with all the latest action, news and results. With a global reach, hyperlocal offers and information can be delivered with sponsor partners delivering value to end users and verifiable benefit to partners from tech partners to brand sponsors.

“The premise of connecting the athletes and fans within a data driven technology platform, enhancing their participation and love of the game, that is the essence that IBF now is bringing to the sport of Bowling” says H.R.H. Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah. “By partnering with Spark Compass, we will enable the next generation of bowler to engage in new ways while providing verifiable value to our member federations, bowling centre owners and the entire eco-system supporting our sport”.

Spark Compass will also integrate programs from other digital brands and technologies associated with IBF existing partners and their content portfolio. The data driven platform and connected mobile app will feature event updates, streaming, and videos for users around the globe.

IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, digital displays and augmented reality (AR) will also be integrated, and visitors to the event venues will be able to experience AR first-hand. Whilst at their own bowling center to dedicated event venues, fans can scan AR targets that will deliver new in-app experiences, encouraging user participation and a unique involvement with the IBF portfolio of events.

“Partnering with the IBF and the fascinating sport of bowling enables us to showcase the excitement of the sport in new ways,” said Erik Bjontegard, Founder and CEO of Spark Compass. “Capturing the amazing amount of data combined with content delivery from Spark Compass works seamlessly and is a natural fit. As we add more sensors, integrate new features, and deploy more technologies, we will be expanding the ways these events are consumed by fans, both in venue and across the globe. These are extremely exciting times.”

IBF Innovation & Business Development Director, Chris Neilson said: “Working with Spark Compass has expanded our vision and takes us into a new digitalized world that has never been seen before within the industry. With the inclusion of our current partners within the core build provides us a best in breed approach to our individual operative pillars”.

IBF CEO Andrew Oram is excited to be working with Spark Compass to expand the reach of the new event portfolio and create new experiences for athletes, proprietors, federations and fans all over the world.

“The partnership with Spark Compass allows Bowling to take on new forms, improving event accessibility and the experience of our existing global fan base. Not only will this ecosystem act as a further communications tool for IBF events but it will also engage new users as the events grow and continually evolves. Bowling is blessed with many opportunities and Spark Compass now allows us to proceed further in making those opportunities a reality.

This partnership provides further capability to make the athletes not just the stars of our events but also the broadcasters of their own content during competition. We’re very much looking forward to working with our new official supplier, Spark Compass, to develop something truly unique and innovative for bowling for 2021 and for the years to come.”

About Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.

Founded in early 2012 by former Aerospace Test Engineer w NASA and later Qualcomm executive, Erik Bjontegard, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. has developed Spark Compass™, a patented and fully integrated data driven mobile communication platform. It enables clients to connect with users, customers, fans, team members and end-users in meaningful and measurable ways on mobile devices. Leveraging real-time, real-world data acquisition to deliver analytics and real-time data driven actions and events it enables delivery of curated experiences on mobile devices with measurable results.

The company’s patented, contextually intelligent communications platform, Spark Compass, integrates proximity beacons, NFC, augmented reality, IoT and other sensor input to enable the delivery of customized and relevant content and experiences for real-time consumer engagement. Integrating advanced OTT content management with video streaming, the platform understands user behavior real time, enabling AI on both video and content delivery blended with physical world data. With several installations in locations across the U.S. and Europe incorporating proximity beacons and sensors, Spark Compass has been used by enterprises such as airports, hospitals, university facilities, sport venues, sports tournaments, marketing companies, CPG brands and convention centers. Total Communicator Solutions is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with locations and partners across USA and in the UK, Norway, Mexico, Pakistan, Canada, India, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

About IBF

The International Bowling Federation represents member federations and bowlers from across the world. At the heart of what we do, uniting us all, is our mission to connect the world with the greatness of bowling.

Connecting further, faster, for all. Ninepin, Tenpin, academy, para, male, female, young, old; whoever you are, wherever you come from, our sport crosses cultures. Truly inclusive, united by a passion for bowling, we bring the world closer together by innovating our sport with technology and data.

Championing the best of bowling. Guardians of our sport, we show bowling at its best. By removing the complexity and barriers to play, without compromising the integrity of our sport.

IBF is the International governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and Para Bowling representing five continental zones and 114 member federations.

IBF was recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling and by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2019 for Para Bowling.

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