CORRECTING and REPLACING Total Communicator Solutions’ Proximity Mobile Marketing Platform and Beacon Technology to Register, Track, Inform, Present Offers to Attendees at NRF Convention

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Spark Compass, VeriFone and NRF to demonstrate how precision systems can impact retail sales, manage conventions, using mobile application, Gimbal bluetooth beacons

Total Communicator Solutions, Inc., a leader in mobile brand management and app development, will provide live running demonstrations of how its precision mobile marketing platform, Spark Compass, integrated beacon technology and smart transaction terminals can benefit the retail and convention industries during the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention and EXPO Jan. 11 to 14.

Total Communicator Solutions will provide two demos throughout the ARTS Pavilion using Total Communicator Solutions’ retail marketing platform.

The ARTS Pavilion app, powered by Spark Compass, will showcase participating companies using beacons installed at each company’s booth. As attendees approach a booth, content about the company’s products and services will be made available to each attendee on their mobile device via the Spark Compass mobile app.

Erik Bjontegard, president of Total Communicator Solutions, said the app offers new efficiencies for retailers as well as trade show, conference management and marketing.

Total Communicator Solutions will demonstrate its retail marketing platform throughout the NRF ARTS pavilion at four separate demo stations. Attendees will be guided through the full retail demonstration after downloading the Spark Compass app.

Using Gimbal beacons, the app will guide users through the retail demo, presenting a shopper’s journey in a typical retail store and receiving proximity based and relevant content depending upon their location. The Spark Compass platform and app will deliver special offers based on a consumer’s location and dwell time in front of a specific product, enhance endcaps with augmented reality and show how a sale can be completed using Apple Pay, Google Wallet or MasterCard’s mobile wallet.

“The Spark Compass platform and app will automatically adapt as a user moves about in the pavilion,” Bjontegard said. “While beneficial in a retail environment it will also enable booth staff to monitor real time information such as number of attendees in the booth, detailing length of visit and the need for follow up based on the attendee’s responses. For event management, this real-time data will be monitored and showcased live at the ARTS Pavilion registration desk and can be used for analysis of convention behaviors, patterns and trends.”

The Spark Compass app will also interact with Gimbal beacons and present information about the various new VeriFone credit card terminals showcased at their booth. The Spark Compass app will open up to present information automatically once the user is in front of a terminal. Information of the terminal can then be downloaded via the app. The pairing of the phone and terminal is done via the Gimbal beacons that are near the VeriFone terminals.

VeriFone will be located at booth #3731 and the ARTS Pavilion will be found at booth #4043 on level three of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. More than 30,000 are expected to attend the annual conference. For more, see

About Total Communicator Solutions Inc.

Founded in early 2012 by former Qualcomm executive Erik Bjontegard, Total Communicator Solutions Inc. develops innovative, fully integrated mobile marketing communication platforms and customized applications to help clients connect with users, customers and future users in meaningful and measurable ways on mobile devices. Its precision mobile marketing platform, Spark Compass™, integrates the Gimbal encrypted proximity beacons from Gimbal, Inc., enabling the delivery of customized and relevant content for real-time consumer engagement. With numerous beacon installations in locations across the U.S. incorporating thousands of proximity beacons, the Spark Compass Platform is placing beacon networks in numerous market leading locations such as hospitals, university facilities and convention centers. Total Communicator Solutions Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Mexico, UK and New Zealand. Visit for more information.

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