My Mouth Works​

Innovative Therapy for Kids and the MyMouthWorks program, powered by Innovative Oral Solutions, has a unique approach of treating the individual based symptoms and the whole person, rather than only the diagnosis. Laura Walls the Executive Director and founder of IT4k had a vision to bring that therapist to the home and she turned to Spark Compass to make that happen.

Spark Compass is a one-of-a-kind, patented, bi-directional communication platform, that enables this unique therapy program for mouth disorders, to extend to the digital world. With the Spark Compass platform, the solution can automatically guide and monitor the progress patients are making. If the system recognizes no progress, it will encourage or provide options for the patient depending upon what they need. A built-in reward system helps the individual to feel empowered while they are engaging in the program, which is important for success in their own therapy. A helping hand is always there, so individuals can also have confidence that they aren’t alone in the process either.