Privacy Policy

Spark Compass PAAS Privacy Policy

Here at Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) and our partners at Spark Compass UK Ltd in United Kingdom and Spark Compass Norway AS in Norway, we are committed to protecting personal data.  Our patented Spark Compass Platform (PAAS) is focused on creating the safest and best possible experience for you and your end-users. We have great respect for people’s personal privacy, and we consider this a matter of great importance. In order to provide you with a useful service when you are purchasing products, visiting a venue or travel to a new location; we need some data from you in order to do so; otherwise we cannot provide you with a useful product and service. Our commitment to you is that we will use our best efforts to ensure any information submitted to, or gathered by us; remains private, and is only used for the purposes set forth in this policy.

This Policy explains when and what personal information we collect about people that use the Spark Compass Contextual communication platform and mobile applications. By purchasing or using our platform; you explicitly accept, without limitation or qualification; the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information provided by you in the manner described in this Policy. Please read the Policy carefully as it affects your rights and liabilities. We may make changes this policy from time to time and you will be notified in the event of such changes via alerts sent from the Spark Compass Platform and updates on our web site.

Any question regarding this policy and our privacy practices should be sent to

Who we are?

Total Communicator Solutions Inc. was founded in 2012 and has developed a patented contextually intelligent communication platform; Spark Compass. The PAAS platform integrates proximity beacons, NFC, augmented reality or any other sensor input to enable the delivery of customized and relevant experiences for real-time consumer engagement. With installations in the U.S. and Europe, Spark Compass is used by enterprises such as airports, hospitals, universities, retailers, sport venues, convention centers and Smart Cities. Total Communicator Solutions is headquartered in San Diego with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Mexico, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and New Zealand.

How do we collect informational data on you?

The Spark Compass Contextual Communication platform™ collects data from user devices, wearables and sensors networks, enabling the delivery of smart content back to the user that is relevant to you. This is done by analyzing data patterns, setting specific rules and combining existing data sources. Powerful analytics on collected performance data, real-time behavior and actions provide granular visibility in a centralized platform.

What information do we gather?

The Spark Compass platform collects Realtime contextual data about your location and what is around you and also matches that with historical ‘data of your past locations and purchases in order to present events and experience that are relevant to what you like and care about.

This includes:

  • Contextual data – Phone IP address, GPS location, Sensor data
  • Profile data – The initial profile is created with your name, email, gender
  • Mobile phone data – Social media preferences, photo

Additionally, we may collect behavioral information about your use of the application; this includes but is not limited to; the date, time you visited a location, how long you stayed, actions taken while accessing information, which pages, what was purchased or what was viewed, and other such analytics data.

Information obtained through other sources

Due to the nature of our Services, information about you may be collected by a TCS customer or other affiliated third party; and this information may be stored, transmitted, processed, or otherwise put into some form of use; using some or all elements of TCS’s Services or resources (such as servers and databases etc.). The collection and usage of such information occurs outside the control of TCS, and therefore we are not responsible for any privacy issues caused by a TCS customer or otherwise affiliated third party. The third party in question is responsible for upholding and enforcing their own Privacy Policies, License Agreements, and Terms of Service. Please review our Terms of Use for more information.

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