Unacast PROX Network launches as the world’s largest supplier of proximity data to brands and retailers

Media platform Unacast, which connects a person’s physical offline behaviour to online advertising, has signed landmark strategic deals with seven of the world’s most forward-thinking proximity solution providers (PSP’s) to become the world’s largest supplier of proximity data to brands and retailers.

MobStac, Tamoco, Blue Sense Networks, dot3, Fluxloop and CosyTech have signed agreements with the Norwegian company, recently named by Business Insider as one of the 24 hottest tech companies in the Nordics, to create the Unacast PROX Network. They join California-based Total Communicator Solutions, one of the biggest players in the US, which was the first PSP to sign up in January this year.

Launching this week, the Unacast PROX network provides global brands and retailers with the ability to retarget their customers online based on offline behaviour. By joining the PROX network, the same retailers and brands can now also understand their customers’ offline behaviour before and after they visit a specific locaBon, something that was previously not technically possible.

Thomas Walle Jensen, Unacast co-founder and CEO said: “PSPs, retailers and brands have a limited customer view today. As soon as the customer leaves their store, he or she becomes invisible, until they resurface in the same location. What the customer did before and after the visit is unknown. By working with Unacast and sharing data into the Unacast PROX network, retailers and brands can ensure that in-store campaigns can take into account the total physical profile, thus fulfilling the promise of proximity as the offline cookie”.

By the end of 2015, the current members of the network alone will have over 100,000 beacons at retailers, malls, cinemas, museums, sports stadia, bars, restaurants and staBons working with clients such as Unilever, HP, BP, Vodafone, Tesco, Carlsberg, BMW, Uber, AT&T and Clear Channel. They cover all aspects of the industry, representing the largest proximity markets of the US, UK and Scandinavia, as well as South Asia and the Middle East, and the full technology stack, from beacons to NFC and geo-fencing.

Also being announced is the first commercial use case for the network. CAPA, a leading innovator in the Nordic cinema ad industry with close to 50% market share in Norway alone, will be the first company to use proximity data from the Unacast PROX network to retarget customers online based on their visit to the cinema.

Gareth Williams, Commercial Director, CAPA said: “By joining the Unacast PROX Network, we can provide the cinema-goer with a more tailor-made experience when they arrive at the cinema and offer brands another touch point with which to communicate to potential customers.”

For example, understanding what cinema-goers are doing both in the physical and digital domains between and aWer the visits to the cinema, will enable CAPA to both provide a more relevant communicaBon while in the cinema (on their phone) and also when they later go online. A brand like Coca Cola can now be offered the ability to approach a sports fan in a different way to a fashionista. Also, brands running commercials before a film starts can continue the communication to the same customer when they go online the next day. Unacast enables completely new ways for brands to create cohesive and tailored campaigns, both offline and online. The campaign will go live in the coming months.

Using Total Communicator solution’s Spark Compass platform and over 200 Gimbal beacons installed throughout the University of Mississippi campus, Ole Miss created the first beacon-powered fan loyalty program. They are set to take this to the next level with the Unacast PROX network.

Michael Thompson, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Communications and Marketing at Ole Miss said: “In just one season of having beacons installed in our venues, the learnings about our student and fan behavior at our events is astounding. Through our Rebel Rewards app, we’ve seen a significant increase in engagement and attendance across all sports, not just football. And as we move forward, combining the Spark Compass plaSorm with the Unacast PROX network, we will be able to communicate with our fans in ways not possible before, taking the benefit of Spark Compass plaSorm and Gimbal beacons beacons to the next level.

“For the first time ever, the Spark Compass platform with the Unacast PROX incorporated will allow us to retarget fans online after they leave a game to sell hot market Ole Miss merchandise or upcoming event tickets, for example. This will also now be possible for sponsors, offering significant added value. But more than this, because of the Spark Compass collaboration with the Unacast PROX Network, we’ll know not only know what they did when they came to a game, but understand their behavior offline and online beyond our venues, giving us a much richer and more accurate picture of what they’re interested in, so we can tailor communications accordingly.”

Total Communicator Solutions President and Founder Erik Bjontegard added: “The Spark Compass platform is being deployed across multiple vertical sectors beyond shops and retail. By gathering contextual data about user’s behavior in physical environments and combining this with in-retail behavior, Spark Compass is able to create very targeted and hyper detailed off-line profiles. These profiles will then be matched up with the Unacast PROX network to provide excepcional relevant on-line messages and ads.

“The data will be used to continue to refine the off-line and on-line profiles to continue to ensure the right messages are presented – both through the Spark Compass platform when users are off-line as well as when the users are online through Unacast’s platform”.

“Spark Compass will be used to extend the experiences traveller’s have in airports to their on-line experiences later, for museum goers who go home to learn more about what they have seen, for grocery shoppers who bought produce and go on-line when at home, to convention goers who see exhibits of products in demo booths and are on-line when they come home. These on-line experiences are all made possible with the Spark Compass and Unacast collaboration.”

As part of Unacast’s ambition to drive standards and help the proximity industry realise its full potential, all PSP’s joining the network will work together to offer industry-leading privacy. This will help the industry grow by making privacy a feature of proximity marketing, delivering a great customer experience and so encouraging future engagement.

Doug Thompson, CEO dot3 and publisher of influential site BEEKn summarised: “The Unacast PROX Network is going to help deliver on the promise of beacons and the Internet of Everything. We believe that beacons represent a seismic shift – one where the physical world, from our thermostats to our cars, the retail aisle to a community garden is being ‘digitized’. We think of this network of beacons and connected tech as part of a digital fabric that will make our lives more meaningful, let us create richer rela:onships with the brands we love, and let us engage in

our communi:es in new ways. The Unacast PROX Network helps to solve a big challenge – letting us bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds in a way which we think will delight, inform and engage customers – while respecting their privacy.”

About Unacast

The Unacast media plaGorm connects a global network of proximity providers, enabling brands and retailers to retarget their customers based on offline behavior. By anonymously grouping offline and online data, Unacast enables brands to serve more relevant and targeted digital advertising. The Unacast PROX network and platform delivers industry leading best practice in offline data management and privacy with a core principal that we never disclose recognizable customer data and the partners always retain full control over their own data sets.

About Unacast Privacy Best Practice

All retargeBng opportunities on their platform require consent from the customer. Consumers who opt in to the platform will receive more relevant advertising and benefits such as personalized offers. Unacast never shares proximity data with other parties than the ones the client approves of, full control is always retained throughout the process.

About Total Communicator Solutions Inc.

Founded in early 2012 by former Qualcomm executive Erik Bjontegard, Total Communicator Solutions Inc. develops innovative, fully integrated mobile marketing communication platforms and customized applications to help clients connect with users, customers and future users in meaningful and measurable ways on mobile devices. Its precision mobile marketing platform, Spark Compass, integrates the Gimbal encrypted proximity beacons from Gimbal, Inc., enabling the delivery of customized and relevant content for real-time consumer engagement. With numerous beacon installations in locations across the U.S. incorporating thousands of proximity beacons, the Spark Compass Platform is placing beacon networks in numerous market leading locations such as hospitals, university facilities and convention centers. Total Communicator Solutions Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Mexico, UK and New Zealand.

Spark Compass
Spark Compass
The Spark Compass platform collects data from connected devices and sensors, allowing enterprise users to combine with historical data applying algorithms and BI to create business rules that will trigger events and smart content delivery. The platform collects performance data and real time behavior and actions in a centralized platform.  
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