Our Partners

We’ve partnered with global technology leaders to offer our clients and users a best of breed platform that can easily be integrated with a multiplicity of cloud connected devices and existing sensor networks

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We are working with the IoT and healthcare division at Samsung to develop state of the art applications and use cases
Originally incubated as part of Qualcomm, Gimbal is now an independent company providing a mobile engagement platform
Global technology consulting firm with presence in 72 countries and 100,000 employees
Norwegian based startup, enables brands to retarget customers online based on offline behavior
Mobile IT company with over 8,000 employees
US Based system integrator providing critical IT installations and deployments in hospitals, casinos, hotels
San Diego Airport Authority
Provides know-how and guidance across the airport industry, as well as sales / channel partners support
San Diego Convention Center Corporation
Provides know-how and guidance across the convetinion center industry, as well as sales / channel partners support
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