Smarter Targeting

Original article published in Norwegian American Weekly

The startup Unacast, several times awarded as one of the most promising tech companies in Norway, was this year’s Best New Nordic Company. The startup powers a global network of proximity providers, enabling brands and retailers to retarget their customers based on offline behavior. By anonymously grouping offline and online behavior the company offers new opportunities. The Oslo-based company, which has opened an office in London and is planning one for New York, has an exciting vision. They have partnered with Schibsted, the largest media publisher in Scandinavia.

Unacast just announced a global partnership with Total Communicator Solutions Inc., a leader in mobile brand management and application development. This will for the first time allow brands to use hyper-local, offline, customer data to deliver relevant and targeted ads and content online.

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Spark Compass
Spark Compass
The Spark Compass platform collects data from connected devices and sensors, allowing enterprise users to combine with historical data applying algorithms and BI to create business rules that will trigger events and smart content delivery. The platform collects performance data and real time behavior and actions in a centralized platform.  
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