Coming soon to Airports

Beacons are expected to help drive more than $5 billion in annual domestic spending by 2019, and Norway’s Unacast is laying the groundwork for its proximity retargeting platform in the US as it seeks to both generate and capture those growing location-based ad revenues.

Coming Soon To Malls, Airports… And ‘Ole Miss’?

Matching the rapid growth of marketing dollars being tied to beacons and the ad spending going towards retargeting — digital marketing provider AdRoll has estimated that more than 71 percent of advertisers spend anywhere from 10-to-50 percent on retargeting — could be a compelling feature for brands looking to ramp up their omnichannel strategies.

“If you go one step back and look at 2014, that was all about a few retailers testing out beacons,” Walle Jensen says. “But most of the retailers that we speak to now are looking now at larger deployments. 2015 will definitely be the year where we see live commercial deployments out there, which actually creates a true marketplace.”

Shopping malls and airports have gotten a big head start, as have shopping malls. And that’s where Walle Jensen expects Unacast to concentrate more heavily.

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Spark Compass
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