Beacon breakthrough

In-store beacons aren’t novel and neither is online retargeting, but combining the strategies could be a breakthrough for adland. Location-based marketing firm Total Communicator Solutions and ad server Unacast are partnering to let advertisers use in-store beacon data for display retargeting campaigns. “Until now, the utility of beacons has been limited to allowing retailers and brands to communicate with shoppers whilst they are in the store,” writes Business Insider advertising editor Lara O’Reilly. “Now beacons are acting as the data collector to inform post-shopping ad campaigns.”

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Spark Compass
Spark Compass
The Spark Compass platform collects data from connected devices and sensors, allowing enterprise users to combine with historical data applying algorithms and BI to create business rules that will trigger events and smart content delivery. The platform collects performance data and real time behavior and actions in a centralized platform.  
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