A Truly Technology Agnostic Platform

Brands, venues and retailers can easily integrate the platform to practically any existing technology out there – wearables, mobile devices, tablets, displays, existing mobile apps and third party API’s

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Payment solutions

Integrate existing payment solutions into the platform to start taking payments made through wearables and smartphones

Sensor networks

You can connect the platform to existing sensor networks to gather data or push data to users, all in a relevant context

Smart devices

Render targeted messages and experiences to a any smart device or wearable through Bluetooth connection

Smart displays

The platform can connect with proximity interactive displays to deliver messages based on user preferences and demographics

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The platform can integrate to a multiplicity of Samsung devices, from smartphones, tablets and displays to wearables and signage
MasterPass is the most secure and trusted digital wallet option available today. Make your mobile commerce easier and shop with a better digital point of sale
The Qualcomm Vuforia mobile vision platform reinvents the way you interact with augmented reality and interactive 2D and 3D mobile content
Norwegian based startup, enables brands to retarget customers online based on offline behavior
Indoo.rs is a technology development company that creates best-of-breed indoor mapping, localization, and routing technology
Originally incubated as part of Qualcomm, Gimbal is now an independent company providing a mobile engagement platform
Our platform can integrate to any iBeacon certified hardware via our SDK
A multinational company, Nuance focuses on server and embedded speech recognition, telephone call steering systems and medical transcription software and systems
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